About Us

Our Mission

To create collision among the entrepreneur community. By nature, entrepreneurs are problem solvers. We believe by connecting the thinkers, the doers, and visionaries we will support the economic vitality of the region.

An entrepreneur’s journey is a unique one. Founded and operated by entrepreneurs who live the journey, The Harbor leverages this experience to support entrepreneurs at any stage.

Come Collide With Us

A decline in startup rates has troubling implications for economic dynamism and growth. New companies are the pioneers of job creation in our economy that need support and resources at their earliest stages to become viable and sustainable (Weins & Jackson, 2015).

At The Harbor Entrepreneur Center, we know that being an entrepreneur can be incredibly difficult but also rewarding. We create a place of connection and collision in our community to inspire founders through shared experiences and provide a sense of belonging. Our enthusiasm is fueled by the dreamers, makers and doers in our region.

We believe in making our own rules and creating our own path. There’s nothing exciting about doing things the way they’ve always been done. Come collide with us at The Harbor where you can dare to be great.

Our Impact

The Harbor EC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2013 by two local entrepreneurs + advocates. We’ve supported more than 200 companies through our programs over the last 10 years. Our alumni have received over $7 million in private sector investments. Many local businesses partner with us annually to support the growth of new companies and the continued development of Charleston’s entrepreneurial community.